Personalized Passport Services 

Spanish Dual Citizenship

Via Sephardic Ancestry


What We Do


Gather and assemble familial documentation and information about one's Spanish, Jewish, and Sephardic ancestry. 


Obtain a report from a genealogist that is an expert in the Sephardic history of the region that your family is from.


Obtain the Certificate of Sephardic Ancestry from an authorized Rabbi 


Compile the necessary identity documents, in the correct format, and organize the economic and/or cultural connections to Spain 


Secure a Spanish immigration attorney, that specializes in this niche citizenship pathway and successfully submit your application for Spanish citizenship via Sephardic ancestry.

About Us

We are an immigration consulting firm that specializes in facilitating the procurement of Spanish nationality for families with Sephardic roots. We understand the symbolic and pragmatic significance of gaining a European passport and our mission is to streamline this complex procedure for our clients.


As we have undergone this process ourselves, we in turn seek to empower others to gain the asset of a European passport. Which makes the dream of creating a new life in Europe a reality.


Deeply familiar with the nuances of the application, and in close collaboration with immigration lawyers, we will do the heavy-lifting for our clients such as connecting them with genealogists, rabbis, and translators.

One does not need to be Jewish to qualify for this process. During the Spanish Inquisition, many Jewish families were forcibly converted to Catholicism. Over time they lost the knowledge of and connection with their Jewish roots. Certain signifiers connect their descendants to their heritage such as surnames, diaspora patterns, family oral histories, DNA, and lingering traditions and customs.


We have a network of over 30 genealogist that specialize in sephardic ancestry and DNA in regions all over the world! Our firm unearths these dormant qualities to tell the compelling stories of these families. Which then qualifies them to return to their origins in Spain, Portugal or use the newly gained citizenship to live in any of the other European Union member states.


Does this opportunity resonate with you? Are you seeking to immerse yourself into your lineage or invest in your families’ future? Get in touch with us.